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Wall Mounted Punch-Free Hair Dryer Holder

Wall Mounted Punch-Free Hair Dryer Holder

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Tired of cluttered countertops and tangled cords? This product is here to provide a convenient and space-saving storage solution for your hairdryer. This innovative bracket utilizes powerful vacuum suction, without the need for drilling or damaging your walls.


HANDS-FREE BLOW-DRYING - This hairdryer stand solves the problem of tired arms caused by holding the hairdryer, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable blow-drying experience without using your hands.

ADJUSTABLE ANGLE - The stand features an adjustable angle mechanism that allows for left and right rotation. This enables you to place the hairdryer at the most suitable angle, ensuring a comfortable and efficient usage experience. Easily achieve the best drying and styling results.

NO-DRILL INSTALLATION - Installation is simple and eliminates the hassle of drilling holes in the wall. The stand is designed for no-drill installation, minimizing damage to the wall.

REMOVABLE & REUSABLE - The hairdryer stand can be used multiple times and can be easily repositioned or removed without affecting its reusability.

SPACE-SAVING - Keep your countertops neat and organized. By mounting your hairdryer on the wall, you can free up valuable counter space and reduce clutter in your bathroom or dressing area.


Material: PET

Color: Transparent, Gray

Weight capacity: 1kg


1 * Wall Mounted Punch-Free Hair Dryer Holder


This bracket is designed for use on non-porous surfaces such as tiles, glass, and mirrors. It may not adhere properly to porous or rough surfaces.

Avoid placing the bracket in direct contact with water or excessive moisture to maintain its suction power.

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Wall Mounted Punch-Free Hair Dryer Holder
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