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Unisex Summer Non-Slip Sandals

Unisex Summer Non-Slip Sandals

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Free your feet in scorching summer with our scandals !

They offer a light and airy feel, ensuring your feet stay cool and comfortable all day long. Crafted with premium materials and designed for all-day wear, they sandals are Versatile for various occasions, such as beach outings, casual walks, or everyday wear.



LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Crafted from lightweight materials, these sandals provide all-day comfort without weighing you down, making them ideal for leisurely strolls or casual outings.

OPEN TOE AND COOLING: Featuring an open-toe design, these sandals promote breathability and airflow, preventing your feet from feeling stifled or sweaty, even on the hottest days.

THICKEN DOUBLE LAYER SOLE: The dual-layer sole offers enhanced support and durability, while the non-slip texture ensures stability and traction on various surfaces.

SNUG FIT: Elastic straps allow for a customized and secure fit, ensuring your sandals stay comfortably in place as you go about your day. Plus, it ensures stability and traction in both wet and dry conditions

TWO WEARING STYLES: Versatile and adaptable, these sandals can be worn as traditional slippers or as stylish sandals, giving you the flexibility to match your footwear to any occasion.


Upper material: EVA

Sole Material: Rubber

Style: Casual

Color: Black, Brown,Gray

Size: 36-45


1 * Unisex Summer Non-Slip Sandals


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For manual measurements, please allow 1-2 cm for errors.

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Unisex Summer Non-Slip Sandals
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