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Mini Pet Trimmer?Quiet and Safe?

Mini Pet Trimmer?Quiet and Safe?

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No More Expensive Grooming Trips!

Silent, efficient & super easy to use pet clipper that gives you complete safety

in grooming the most difficult & delicate places


If you are tired of spending a fortune on grooming & are afraid of hurting your pet's muzzle & paws with a large clipper, this product is for you!

Perfect for hard-to-reach areas
Safe to cut around the eyes
Ultra silent, doesn't frighten the pet
Self-sharpening stainless blades
USB Rechargeable, no batteries

The Only Clipper That Is Completely Safe For Muzzles & Paws!

Say goodbye to stress

No more fear and nerves from trips to the groomer

Perfect For Hard-to-Reach Areas

Muzzle, paws, butt... Mini Pet Trimmer can handle it all

Quiet so it doesn't scare your pet

Quieter than the quietest library

Easy charging

Charge your Mini Pet Trimmer in 20 minutes

How It Works

Our hair clipper uses a fixed stainless steel blade and a ceramic movable blade that is sharp enough to instantly cut all types of dog hair, but also as protected as possible so that neither you nor your pet will ever cut yourself. The blade can be removed to clean and wash under water.

The Mini Pet Trimmer  has a noise level of about 45dB (no louder than your whisper), keeping your pet comfortable throughout the grooming process without causing them any discomfort. 


Perfect For All Pets - Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Even Horses

No matter the size of your pet, this trimmer will provide the fastest, easiest and, most importantly, safest haircut even in the hardest to reach places. Paws, muzzle, tail, butt or even the whole body - the Mini Pet Trimmer is perfect for everything. 

Perfect For All Happy Pet Parents!




Customer Success Stories


"I recently purchased this trimmer for my two dogs and I am very impressed with its performance. The clipper is really ultra-quiet, which made it easy to care for my dogs without any disturbance or discomfort caused by noise. The blades are sharp and effective, making it easy to trim my dogs hair without any pulling. Best of all, the Mini Pet Trimmer is so easy to use for the most difficult and hard to reach areas! I do well with a regular large clipper, but have never been able to trim my dogs paws and eye area with it.... no problem with this trimmer! The perfect tool. "



"My dog is very afraid of groomers and any trips anywhere, so I decided to save her and myself the extra stress and start haircutting her at home myself. I had never done it before and I can say that the Mini Pet Trimmer is the best trimmer I could have chosen! It gives a very smooth cut, even on hard hair. It is also crazy easy to trim ears, paws, tail and eye area. A separate joy is that my Bella stayed calm throughout the entire process. My pet's happiness and peace of mind is the most important thing to me. This is definetely my best purchase."


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Mini Pet Trimmer?Quiet and Safe?
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